October 2019: Cartoline per Leopardi, Galleria Boragno, Busto Arsizio (VA)

March 2021: Silvia Marcantoni Taddei and Massimo Sannelli exhibit their artwork in Women’s Day Special Art Exhibition, online event organized by Ibrahim Akinci (ArelArt Online Galeri, Ankara, 8-20 March 2021)

July 2021: AnimaeNoctis artwork in Bologna, Cheap Festival

August-September 2021: Beyond The Binary, ] G A Z E [ Art Space, Shrewsbury. Curator: Theresa Bradbury

October 2021: Love & Chaos, The Alchemy Experiment, Glasgow

October-December 2021: Got Something To Say About Europe, Kunstarkaden, Munich

November 2021: Queer Photography, The Ledward Centre, Brighton

ART-WORKS: performances & collaborations

January 2019: AnimaeNoctis participates in Yoko Ono’s Add Color (Refugee Boat), 1960/2016, MAXXI, Rome

July 2020: The virtual exhibition of Geracho Arias 

August 2020: Uncle Fluxus Quantum Superhero, dedicated to the late critic Enrico Pedrini, with his own voice

November 2020: Night (Revealed) is a rhapsody for Ariel Soulé 

December 2020: There Is No Hitching Post in the Universe, dedicated to Jean-François Bory and his cuneiform ties

March 2021: works in the online visual art museum Cheap Freedom Club

March 2021: Silvia Marcantoni Taddei and Massimo Sannelli publish their artwork in “The Working Artist”, #2 (20 March 2021)

VIDEOMAKING about art/artists

Impromptu I: for Fondazione Giorgio e Lilli Devoto (Genoa)/Edizioni San Marco dei Giustiniani 

Loxías: for Literature and Other Worlds: Genres, Politics, Society (LILEC Graduate Conference, Università di Bologna) as a visual prelude to Loxías censore, Loxías censurato, speech about Pier Paolo Pasolini, by Massimo Sannelli 

Comedy: directed by Ariel Soule. Starring AnimaeNoctis & Alessandro Castelli. Produced by Almach Art Gallery

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